About Us

Who We Are

Summit International Institute is a chartered university bearing the following ordinance number; Min No 610/470 du Mas 2017. The main role of SII is imparting quality teaching, learning, and research, and giving back to the society. The University, which is in Bujumbura in Burundi, East Africa, has 700+ students as of mid 2019.

What We Do

At Summit, we emphasis learning by practice through provoking the students’ imagination and работа москва inculcating the appetite to solve the hardest challenge in the world.

Students in Summit work in collaboration with the faculty in tacking key issues and attempt to solve them. With our philosophy “where theory and skills meet” all students are challenged to tap their innovation and maximize their opportunities to create opportunities for them and others.

Our History

Established on 21st March 2017 by the Chairman and Founder Samuel Irungu Njau supported by 9 members of ASSOCIATION POUR LA PROMOTION DE L’ EDUCATION ET DU DEVELOPPEMENT HOLISTIQUE “APEDH” that was authorized by the Minister of Interior on 30th March 2015.  Summit International Institute is a Chartered University bearing the following ordinance number; No 530/5/3DU 30/3/2015. The chairman is also a co-founder of International University of Equator in Bujumbura, Burundi that was authorized on 15th March 2015.


28th January 2016: The Higher Education Council paid a visit to the Summit International University and accepted the application with just few amendments of the programs and the change of the name from University to Institute in accordance with the Minister of education directives.

June 2016: A second visit from the Higher Education Council to Summit sealed the deal by signing a recommendation to the Minister of Education for the approval of Summit International Institute authorization.

 21st March 2017: Summit received an authorization letter from the Burundi Minister of Education and scientific research.

Our Mission

To become a leader in integrating theory and skills to our students through teaching, empowering and provision of linkages.

Core Values

  • Putting God first.
  • Student’s satisfaction as our priority.
  • Preparing students to be self-reliance.
  • Creating opportunities through partnerships.
  • Making a collective investment in community.

Why Choose Our Institution

There is a reason why almost 1,000 student have come to us to empower them through knowledge, exposure and training. Here are some of these reasons;

International Status

With strategic partnerships, research and collaborations, SII has intentionally and purposely assumed international status by offering exchange programs and Bachelors and Masters Degree courses that are not available in Burundi.

Skilled Lecturers

With more than 20 faculty members, we understand that the lecturers are not the ultimate source of knowledge.  Instead they are facilitators and partners in the learning process. We also recognize that learners are not empty vessels that are waiting to be filled by the lecturers. We make learning active even the seemingly dull students contribute, and boost their self-confidence.

Quality Management System

We understand that for a university to become relevant and stand the test of time, certain measures must be undertaken. One of those in instilling and maintaining a high standard of professionalism, adherence to international standards of operating a university and having a QMS that safeguards this standards.

Scholarship Facility

Through strategic partners we offer scholarships to under privileged students, staff and faculty who present a high level of dedication and zeal for education.

Computer Oriented

The world is digital, with that said we have invested in exposing all our students to technology through an Internet connected well equipped computer lab.

Library & e-Book Store

We have an on site library with over 5,000 books and an e-book store with over 10,000 books and reference materials.

Key management Team

Founder and Chairman: Mr. Samuel Njau

International Overseer: Prof. Richard Miller