The task of architecture is the creation of human environments. It is both an expression of human values and a context for human activity. Through the design process, architecture addresses the interrelated environmental, behavioral, and cultural issues that underlie the organization of built form. The student of architecture is called upon to direct sensitivity, imagination, and intellect to the physical significance of these fundamental issues in designing a coherent environment for people. Architectural design as a comprehensive creative process is the focus of the Summit School of Architecture.

The objectives of the School of Architecture reflect the view that architecture is an intellectual discipline, both an art and a profession. The program, therefore, is based on the following intentions:

  1. to stimulate artistic sensitivity and creative powers,
  2. to strengthen intellectual growth and the capacity to develop creative and responsible solutions to unique and changing problems, and
  3. to help the student acquire the individual capabilities necessary for the competent practice of architecture and lifelong learning.

The School adopts as basic policy a pluralistic approach to the teaching of architecture. Students have opportunities to become well acquainted with a wide range of contemporary design approaches. The School does not seek to impose any single design philosophy, but rather encourages in each student the development of discernment and an individual approach to design.



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