Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Instructor: Summit Admin
  • Students: 357
  • Duration: 108 weeks

If it is not measured, it is not managed (Drucker, 1954) Billions of Francs are wasted year after year as a result of ill-monitored projects, creating a need for a programme that will equip individuals with the tools to manage their projects better, learn from mistakes and intervene before it is too late. Monitoring and Evaluation is increasingly recognized as the cornerstone for effective program management and is critical for organizational sustainability. A continuously increasing need for suitably skilled monitoring and evaluation project managers has been identified as a priority area by various stakeholders active in different sectors and industries; e.g. globally-funded sponsorships often require evidence of effective monitoring and evaluation systems prior to awarding funds.

The purpose of the course is to equip managers and M&E officers across a variety of sectors with the knowledge and skills to successfully design and implement sound monitoring and evaluation systems from program/project initiation to close-out.

This course is structured in such a way that it guides learners to apply monitoring and evaluation principles within the context of their unique work environment.





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